Tomorrow’s Tomorrow

The Enceladus Group is a strategic consulting company focused on industrial development, with specific emphasis on industrial competitiveness, aerospace and defence industries and trade facilitation challenges. We provide advice, strategy support, deal making facilitation and project delivery to International Organizations, Governments and Industry.

Our track record working in top levels of Government, Industry Executives and implementation of projects for International Organizations with a focus on Africa, allow us to deploy our knowledge and network to the benefit of our clients.

With over 30 years of combined experience, the partners in The Enceladus Group bring innovative, problem-solving approaches to addressing our clients’ needs and achieving desired outcomes.

A close affiliation over the past decade with the space economy has resulted in a specific focus on upstream aspects of the satellite industry (remote sensing and SDR/IoT systems) and the emerging downstream solutions required as result of SAR and hyperspectral remote sensing application. It is for this reason that the Advanced Geoinformation Solutions Division of the company was established aimed at solving complex environmental problems with the use of spatial information. The AGS Division is founded on a passion for innovation and geosciences and to bridge the gap between data and actionable intelligence tailored to your business, specifically:

  • smart GIS and remote sensing solutions,
  • data mining and big data analysis services with the integration of machine learning for accurate and reliable results and predictions,
  • change detection and time series analysis and consultation,

and with a focus on the mining and materials, water and environment, and agriculture and forestry sectors.